Is the fret work done?
The leveling, dressing, crowning and polish does not come standard with our necks; nor is it done on any new neck from any guitar parts supplier.

B. Hefner Company is the only guitar parts manufacturer in the industry that offers you this complete professional service. This option is available from the dropdown menus we provide while placing your order.

Fretwork is done to insure that the frets are all parallel to one another, this insures no fret buzz with a reasonably low professional action. We suggest that all necks should have the fretwork done as it enhances the whole playing experience.

Below you will see our step by step process which leads to a sparkling finished playing experience.


(Above) Frets right after installation.


(Left) BEVEL:

First we bevel the fret edges to 25 to 30 degrees as apposed to 45 degrees that most tech's apply. This gives you the player more playing surface and eliminates the problem of the high E string from coming off the edge of the fingerboard while playing.


The frets are completely leveled with a perfectly straight steel file.


(Left and Below) FRET DRESSING:

All fret ends are rounded in a two step process; this removes all sharp edges to the outside edge of the fretwire.



All frets are crowned; this is the process of making the frets round again after the leveling process.



The fingerboard is then carefully taped off in preparation for the two step high speed polishing process which removes all file marks from the wire and applies the color or sheen to the wire.


(Above and Below)

Beautifully finished frets ready for you the discriminating player.