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B. Hefner Company is committed to excellence in the manufacturing of fine handcrafted musical instruments and parts. Along with building Fender® licensed replacement parts, B. Hefner Company also manufactures Custom Edenhaus Guitars, guitar parts and guitar bridges for more than a dozen of Americas finest guitar companies, wholesalers and countless custom builders. Fender, Kramer, Gibson, Epiphone, Dean, Steinburger, Travis Bean are but a few of the companies we are making parts for, the list goes on. Our commitment to excellence stems from a deep rooted belief in Jesus Christ and the perfection that is His. This attitude of excellence, commitment and service is what we strive to give you with every order; your 100% satisfaction is what concerns us most!

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B. Hefner Company / Guitar Alley was founded in 1985 and our facilities consist of four buildings and 10,000 square feet of shop space all dedicated to you the guitar player. Our process is a simple one, although we do use CNCs, the greatest asset to this company is its skilled craftsmen. Unlike other companies who rely solely on CNC equipment and cheap labor, we rely on well paid workers, dedicated to the art of guitar building. Most of our machinery is custom built and configured to suit a specific process or task.

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A sneak peak from around the B. Hefner Company Custom Shop, where your guitar parts are beautifully crafted by our amazingly talented team.

From a rough piece of lumber to a beautiful finished product, we can help you create what used to be a dream.

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Guitar Alley is the premier Hot Rod Shop just for your guitar. We have everything you need to keep your guitar and amp in top condition all in one location. We carry a full inventory of miscellaneous guitar parts and accessories and if we don't have it in stock we can order it for you. Our repair shop is second to none, being a manufacturer we have the highest rating among all guitar companies when it comes to warranty work. Give us a call for any of your guitar or bass repair needs, our experience, unsurpassed workmanship and quick turnaround times are guaranteed. Don't trust your guitar in the hands of an amateur, trust our 28 years of experience.


B. Hefner Company / Guitar Alley located in sunny Southern California
11701 Washington Blvd, Suite F, Whittier CA 90606 %u2022 Phone 562-945-9490 %u2022 Email: contact@bhefner.com

B. Hefner Company is LICENSED BY FENDER. Its headstock profile is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instrument Corporation and B. Hefner Company is licensed by Fender under a quality control license. B. Hefner Company is not affiliated with Fender and no Fender warranty applies. Strat® Tele® P-Bass®, J-Bass®, Jazzmaster® and Tele-Bass® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.